Why Iran – Hormozgan?

1- Strategic Location

Straddling the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea and connecting Central Asia to the Middle East and South Asia Iran offers and unique and valuable geographic location.

2- At the heart of Regional Market

Iran has land and sea borders with 15 countries offering easy access to a market of over 300 million whose demographics and increasing purchasing power offer an attractive potential market

3- Young Educated Labor Force

With some 4.8 million students at various stages of higher education Iran offers some of the best educated youth in the developing world

4- Political Stability

As a country with a distinct national identity and heritage stretching back three millennia, Iran is amongst the most stable nations in the MENA region.

5- Developed Infrastructure

With 320 airports, 856.000 km urbun roads and 129.000 km of rural roads.


6- Abundant Natural Resources

The World’s largest gas reserves and holds over USD 34 trn in natural resources

7- Developed diversified Energy Infrastructure

Abundant supplies of high quality natural gas and liquid fuels supplied over and extensive national pipeline, together with 73.2 GW of installed electrical generation capacity ensure energy security.

8- Untapped Tourism Potential

Ancient history, the heritage of some of the world’s greatest empires, exquisite arts and crafts, rich cultural heritage, refined and varied cuisine, diverse climate and breath taking natural wonders provide the perfect platform for Iran to tap into the fast growing and lucrative global travel market.

9- Low effective rate of Taxation

Iranian companies pay a flat 25% corporate tax rate and shareholders are not liable to any tax on dividend, while exports are exempt from any taxation and under certain circumstances tax holidays of up to 15 years can be obtained.

Why Hormozgan?